Superstar Shout-outs!

Superstar Shout-outs!!
Take a look at the amazing things that our Superstars are doing!

5/8 Shout-Out Updates!
Met AR Goal : John Brody

Bobby's Bean Sprouting
Bobby's Bean Sprouting

Jameson's Bean Sprouting
Jameson's Bean Sprouting

John Brody's Pumpkin Seed Growing
John Brody's Pumpkin

Kaiser's Bean Sprouting
Kaiser's Bean Sprouting

Laila's Writing
Laila's Writing

This week's Shout Outs from Mrs. Young's Class...

These students worked very diligently on all of their assignments and have turned them in electronically:
Elina Almazan, Brian Johnson, Hagan Kearns, Annabelle Miller, Emma Pace, Evelynn Wescott

The following students worked very hard on their AR goals: Carter Cluff, Brian Johnson, and Emma Pace

I loved seeing Annabelle, Brian, Carter, Elina, Emma, Hagan, Jorge, Joshua, Kylan, and Morrigan in our Zoom classroom!

Annabelle's Plant Craft Project
Annabelle's Plant craft project

Annabelle's Work
Annabelle's work

Brian's work
Brian's work

Elina's Work
Elina's work

Emma's Work
Emma's Work

Hagan's Work
Hagan's work

Shout out to Travis Brown for these awesome math graphs!
Travis' graphs

Miss Kazar's Class Spotlight Students
Completed assignments and turned them in: Maira Majeed, Angie Garcia-Cruz, Aaden Parham, Kailie Mells

Aaden Parham- Response's to Afternoon on the Amazon- 2 photos


4th grade students who met their AR GOAL.
D’Aireon Brock , Noah Cartledge

Pre-K Students did AMAZING with their writing and illustrations of farm animals this week! Finley, Melanie, Hutson, Sunnie, Shaun, Kaitlynne, Si'Yana, Willa, EllaBelle, Trinity, Mia, Arianna

5/1 Shout-Out Updates!
William Garcia Cruz for taking this time to be such a great big brother & getting outside to get some exercise! 

Here are the 4th graders who met their AR goal this week!
Benton--Travis Breland, Madilyn Palmer, Isaiah Parham, Camille Williams
Bowers--Anderson Jenkins
Kessler--Gabe Kessler

MET AR Goal: Lailah, Bobby, Cameron, Kaiser, Jacqueline, Logan S.

Working on meeting AR goal: Kaeli, Kaiden, Lucas, Jameson, Adysen, Demarrio, Chelsea, John Brody

Jacqueline's Math                                                  

image of Jacqueline's math         

John Brody examines a see life cyle
John Brody ecamining a seed life cyle

Bobby's Shapes
Bobbys Shapes

Jameson Shapes
Jameson Shapes

John Brody's Math
John Brody's Math

Rachel and Elijah have been on every zoom.

Jimmy, Rachel and Adrian have meet AR goals!

Todd and Delaney have been working very hard everyday!

Epic and Studies Weekly completion of Landform Research- Aaden Parham, Kailie Mells, Sean Morton, Izzabella Wilhelm

Sally Snip Snap's Party completion- Aaden Parham, Emmalee Stewart, Kailie Mells, Sean Morton

Nevaeh Griffith- Fraction practice
Nevaehs fractions

Nevaeh Griffith- Plant experiment and Plant craft
nevaeh plant experiment and craft

Sean Morton- Plant observation drawing
Sean plant drawing

Aaden Parham- Landform research on a Mountain
Aaden landform project

Shout Out to Gladys Miranda for spending the most time practicing on Freckle math this week!
Should Out to Whitney Burley for highest accuracy on Freckle Math this week!

Shout Out to Mason Klopp on his amazing 3 Branches of Government poster.
Mason's project

Shout Out to Eva Moore on her really cool 3D Charlotte's Web poster and Georgia poster!

evas project

evas project

Mrs. Lackey's Shout Outs:
Aria Taylor and Aaliyah Rideout have attended every Zoom session our class has had so far!

Jett Murray completed our Fun Friday scavenger hunt searching for spring items and identifying living and non living things.
Jett's scavenger hunt

Aaliyah Rideout completed our Fun Friday scavenger hunt searching for spring items and identifying living and non living things.
Aaliyah scavenger hunt

Shout out to Will Roberts for his cool alligator picture and facts.
Wills project

wills project

Shout out to Travis Brown. Alexis Aguilar, CJ Meeks, and Kayden O'Cain for always having something academic to share in our zoom chats!

Shout out to Lyla Coots for emailing Ms. Hendrix her work!

Topic: If I was the President what would I do to help the world?



“If I was the president I would help the world by giving kids that can’t pay for a scholarship at least $9,520 each because I want people to have a good life and never think bad about themselves and always think that no matter the struggle, you can make it if you at least try your best.”





Lyla for president

Shout out from Ms. Hendrix and Ms. Moseley for meeting your AR goals!
Alexis Aguilar, Travis Brown, Lyla Coots, Kali Cope, Sarah-Kate Hardegree, Mackayla Hardwick, Ellie Lewis-Pousada, Ryleigh Moore, Tyniah Nolley, Kayden O'Cain,and Avani Samuel.

Pre-K Students have been learning how flowers grow.  In class we labeled the parts of a flower.  Shou-Outs to Sunnie, Shaun, Willa, Mia, Arianna, Finley, Kaitlynne, Si'Yana, and Melaine!

Pre-K labels parts of a flower

4/24 Shout- Out Updates!
Pre-K Students Finley Darnell and Sunnie Smith for moving on to the Fun With Words Level in Teach Your Monster to Read!

The following students have met their AR goal for the 4th 9 Weeks: Elina Almazan, Hagan Kearns, Morrigan Holmes.

Ms. Roberts sends a Shout out to Carson, Mason, Luke and Evan for attending ALL scheduled Zoom meetings this far! Way to go!

Ms. Kazar sends a Shout Out to Epic Assignment Readers of Pete the Cat: Sir Pete the Brave: Aaden Parham, Blakelee Nixon, Chance Bramble, Emmalee Stewart, Kailie Mells, Moises Garcia, Nevaeh Griffith, and Sean Morton.

Science and Social Studies Brainpopjr Assignment Finishers: Nevaeh Griffith, Maira Majeed, Kailie Mells, Urvish Pothula, Emmalee Stewart, Aaden Parham, and Abriel Partain

Sean Morton for working diligently week after week!
student working at the computer

Zettie working hard during Zoom
student working on laptop during Zoom class

Former HMES Superstar Gabbie Brewer for providing Princess Story time for our HMES students.
MET AR Goal: Lailah, Bobby

Working on meeting AR goal: Kaeli,

Completing and Returning 1st Packet: Kaiser, Bobby, Cameron, Logan S. Lailah, Jacqueline, John Brody

Completing Work Online:
Bentlee, Demarrio, Jacqueline, Logan N. , Cameron, Jameson, John Brody, Kaiser,
Citlali, Logan S., Bobby, Lucas, Temperence, Jacob, Kaiden, Lailah, Alaina, Jackson
Kaeli, Adysen, Mia, Chelsea

Attended MOST Zoom Sessions:Lailah, Jameson, Demarrio, Kaiser, Bobby, Logan S, Jacqueline, John Brody

John Brody's Seasons project:
image of a seasons project

Jacqueline's Shapes Kite
image of a shape kite

Lailah's Seasons Project
image of a season's project

Bobby's 2D & 3D Shape work
2D and 3D project

Met AR Goal Alexis Aguilar, Lyla Coots 
Way to go Travis Brown now at 17. 4 points!

Will Roberts Opinion Paragraph Click to read

Travis Brown and his 5 Regions of GA sign
Regions of GA map

Write about a trip you have gone on, Ellie Lewis-Pousada  Click to read

Met AR Goal: Connor Davidson,Madalyn King, Aliceson Brown, Ian Goss,
Trace Horton, Matthew Camba, Nubia Fletcher

4/17 Shout Out Updates

Shout outs to Hunter, Houston, Amiyah, and CJ for being the first four students to do their discussion post on the novel 5th grade is reading!

Jack Edwards, David Cruz, Carson Johnson, Nevaeh Kalbaugh, Mason Klopp, and Bailey Vongsoury, Cameron, Logan S. met their AR goals!

The following 2nd grade students are working hard to meet their AR goal: Kaiden, Jameson, Lucas, Kaiser,  Adysen, Demarrio, Jacqueline , Chelsea, John Brody

Si'Yana Carr for sharing her writing on our class Facebook page!

Mason Klopp worked very hard and put a lot of work into his 5 Regions of Georgia

image of child with 5 regions of georgia poster he made

3/30 Shout Outs!

Parents, Thank you for helping students with their assignments!

We would like to give a Shout-out to the following students for meeting their 4th quarter AR goal with 150% point goal and 85% comprehension:

Jakiren Breland
Travis Brown
Ruana Dwaram 
Kailie Mells    
Annabelle Miller
Anthony Miller
Briley Oller
Joshua Tumlin
Noah Waid-Martz
Alayna Williams
Haley-Ann Williams    



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