2023-24 Calendar and Supply List

2023-2024 School Calendar English, Spanish

Suggested Supply List

Special Needs Pre-Kindergarten
All Students
Change of Clothes
Pull-ups or diapers if needed
Book Bag
Full Day Students
Small Blanket or towel and nap mat
Teacher’s Wish List
Hand Sanitizer
Disinfectant Wipes
Wet Wipes
Paper towels

Please label all items with your child’s name
• A standard size, no rolling or toddler sized book bags
• 1 crib sheet to cover our rest mats. (mats are provided)
• 1 SMALL, THIN BEACH TOWEL (no extra-large beach towels please)
• 2- 2 pocket pronged, plastic folders
• Crayons- 1 box of 8-16 count crayons.
• Markers- 1 box
• A complete change of clothes to stay in your child’s backpack.
Wish list items:
Kleenex, hand soap, Ziploc Bags (quart, snack, or gallon), baby wipes

-Book bag – no rolling bags
-Supply Box- plastic rectangle
-water bottle
-2 boxes of Crayons-24 count.
-2 packs of No. 2 pencils
-1 pair of scissors (blunt)
-6 glue sticks
-2 plastic pocket folders with prongs
-2 wide-ruled notebooks-70 pages (spiral-bound or composition)
-1 container of baby wipes
-1 box of tissue
-1 container of hand soap
-1 box gallon zip lock bags
-1 box sandwich or snack zip lock bags
-*Optional – Lysol Spray, Clorox wipes, headphones, expo markers, hand sanitizer

First Grade
· crayons 2-Box of 24
· #2 pencils – 2 packs
· Washable markers- 1 box
· 1 pack big pink erasers
· Dry Erase Markers
· Glue Sticks – 2 packs of 6
· Tissues- 2 boxes
· Scissors- blunt tip
· 1 plastic supply/pencil box
· 4 (one subject) spiral notebooks
· 3 plastic pocket folders with prongs
· Book bag (Please do not send rolling book bags.)
· 1 container of antibacterial hand wipes (wet ones or baby wipes)
· 1 packet of cleaning wipes (Lysol/Clorox)
· 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
· 1 bottle of liquid hand soap
· Baggies- gallon or quart
· 1 set of headphones/earbuds (no wireless)

2nd Grade Supply List
Pencil bag that zips (plastic boxes fall and spill)
Book bag-no rolling bags
Crayons (2 boxes of 24)
Scissors- One pair of blunt tip
glue sticks- 2 packs of 6
2 - 2 pocket folders (plastic with prongs is best)
3 spiral bound notebooks - (wide ruled)
No. 2 pencils (pack of 24 or more!)
Erasers (pink pearl)
1 box of (Kleenex) tissues
Cleaning (Lysol/Clorox) wipes (1 container)
Wired headphones (1 pair)
Please DO NOT send binders.

Third Grade Supply List
· two packs of 12 count pencils
· pencil erasers
· 1 box of 24 crayons
· 1 pack of Crayola markers
· 1 pack of dry erase markers
· 12 glue sticks
· 1 pair of children’s scissors
· 2 pocket folders
· 1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper
· 4 spiral notebooks
· 1 pack of construction paper
· 1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags
· 1 box of Ziploc sandwich bags
· 2 family size boxes of tissue
· wet wipes/Clorox wipes
· earbuds/headphones
· hand sanitizer
*Please no 3 ring binders or handheld pencil sharpeners.

Fourth Grade
Pencils (no mechanical pencils) (no personal pencil sharpeners)
3 packs of notebook paper
5 spiral notebooks
Glue sticks
Boxes of Tissue
Crayon case (with zipper is ideal)
Crayons or color pencils (NO markers)
3 Plastic folders with pockets
Headphones or Earbuds

5th Grade
Pencils (no mechanical pencils)
2 pks. notebook paper
7 spiral notebooks (1-subject)
2 2-pocket folder w/prongs
Glue Sticks (several)
1 pair of student scissors
Pencil pouch (with zipper is ideal)
Cheap Ear Buds (fit in pencil pouch)
1 pk. colored pencils (no markers)
Crayons ( 8 or 16 count)
Classroom Wishlist:
Dry erase markers
Disinfecting wipes