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Superstar Families,

We are excited to have you join us for lunch with your student(s). At this time, we can accommodate a limited number of lunch visitors, each day. Please use the links below to sign-up for a time to join your student(s) for lunch. All visitors must sign up, in advance of their visit to the school. At this time, we are able to accommodate five visitors per (kindergarten through fifth) grade level and/or ten PreK lunch visitors, per day. Thank you for assisting us with these safety measures.

* You will need to show your identification when signing in at the front office.

* No outside restaurant food allowed.

* If there is a younger sibling coming with you to eat and they will need a seat, you will need to sign them up as a separate guest.  (children in strollers do not need a separate sign up). 

PreK Lunch Visitors

Kindergarten Lunch Visitors

1st Grade Lunch Visitors

2nd Grade Lunch Visitors

3rd Grade Lunch Visitors

4th Grade Lunch Visitors

5th Grade Lunch Visitors

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Connect your child or teen to virtual mental health support at not cost to you with Hazel 
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